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Why Mobile Catering?

When Rusty Spur Catering was founded 3 years ago, we were one of the first catering companies in the Calgary area to have a custom catering trailer built.

Unlike the food truck craze, ours is a complete commercial kitchen able to feed multi course meals for hundreds of people.

Instead of cooking food at a central commissary kitchen and transporting hot and ready, we choose to invest in the equipment and skilled culinary staff to cook food onsite for your event, wedding or party.

Gone are the days of dried out beef, rubber chicken and heavy sauces made to mask the lack of quality in your food.

We serve fresh food, cooked right before your guests are ready to dine.

We can set up in your driveway, in a field , a loading dock or a mountain.

As mobile caterers we do not rely on venues and locations that have kitchens.
We specialize and thrive in working in places that may be a challenge to others.

If you are looking for restaurant quality food for your event, wedding or party in the Calgary and surrounding area give us a call.