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Catering Family Style

What is a Family Style Reception?

Family style catering is increasing in popularity, more and more Calgary brides are inquiring about this type of catering service.  It refers to the way the food is presented to the guests.  Rather than stand in a long buffet line, guests take a seat and the food is brought to them on platters rather than being pre-plated.  Each menu selection is on it’s own platter.  Guests pass the platters, select their food, and the platters are returned to the centre of the table , until they need to be replenished or the next course is served.

It is a warm and friendly approach, that creates opportunities for conversation and a more relaxed dining experience.

A family style meal is more economical than a plated service, however it is more costly than a buffet due to increased staffing and required serving dishes.  It is also less time consuming than a traditional buffet service due to buffet line ups.

Family style service is often described as casually elegant, it can be as casual or formal as you like depending on your culinary and personal tastes.

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