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Calgary Wedding Catering – Questions to ask your caterer when planning your wedding reception menu

Calgary Wedding Catering

Calgary wedding catering is a big part of our business, at Rusty Spur Catering we want to ensure your guests are well cared for and that they rave about their meal and experience.

 DIETARY RESTRICTIONS:  As Calgary caterers today more than ever our job is to ensure that our meals are enjoyed by all guests.  We need to practice extreme safe food handling to avoid cross contamination for the safety of guests with special dietary restrictions.  We are hear to help you plan your reception menu, and focus on the needs of your guests.  We are happy to provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten /dairy free and Halal alternatives as required.  If your caterer is unable or unwilling to accommodate these concerns you may want to reach out to another company who can.

2.  WHERE / WHEN IS THE FOOD PREPARED:  Unlike most catering companies at Rusty SpurCatering all your food is prepared just prior to service onsite at your venue in one of our mobile commercial catering kitchens.  It is not prepared in advance at a commissary kitchen hours before service and held in a hot box.  If food is a priority to you, this is a very important question for you to ask as food rapidly loses quality as it sits.  We arrive at your venue and start food preparation, we are fully self contained.

3.  WHERE IS THE FOOD FROM:  Ask your local Calgary catering company where do they source their food?  Is the produce fresh, local and seasonal or is it frozen?  Are they using AAA Canadian meat?  Are their dressings, sauces and appetizers made in house or are they bought / frozen?  Ask if they use real butter and good quality olive oil, most use margarine and GMO oils.  At Rusty Spur Catering everything is made fresh in house including all of our pickles, BBQ sauce and even our ketchup.  These details are extremely important to the quality of the meal.  The quality of ingredients used factors into the price of the meal, cheapest is not the best if quality and source are important to you.

4.  CAN WE INCLUDE OUR FAVOURITE / SPECIAL FAMILY MENU ITEM:  Absolutely! We work closely with our clients to personalize their reception menu.  The significance of hosting your first meal as a married couple is important to us, we are honoured to have been chosen.  We are delighted to share this occasion with you by incorporating special foods and traditions to share with your family and friends.

5.  WHAT IS THE BEST SERVING STYLE FOR OUR RECEPTION:  There are pros and cons to all service styles and options.  By working closely with your caterer we can carefully work out the service style based on the type of food selected, the venue and catering budget that best suits your personal style.

Questions or concerns about these questions?  Please give us a call at 403.813.5025.  Our greatest pleasure is to help you through this exciting process.