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Calgary Catering Trends and Flavours for 2021

I always look forward to the annual lists that predict catering tends and flavours for the upcoming year.  Calgary has a diverse population and a fantastic supply of specialty food products.  Even 10 years ago on our annual family winter get away to Bucerais I would return home with my bag over weight as I had stuffed it full of all those hard to find specialty food items.  Today we have several Latin American food markets in Calgary and when I travel to Mexico I no longer need to stock up as just about everything is available here.  Tomatillos, Inca Cola, cajeta, corn tortillas, dried chillies, I can go on and on…..Everything is available here including epazote.  We also have a plethora of Asian and South Asian shops, it makes cooking and catering so much fun with so many possibilities.

As a Calgary Catering Company it is always such a pleasure dealing with our clients to build unique, fun and interesting menus.  Never before have we had so much availability, I love it when a Calgary bride asks” can you get…..?”, almost always I can say yes.

So back to my original title, what are the new flavour / catering trends being predicted for this year?

  1.  Comfort Food:  After a long, long lockup people are seeking comfort food, its calming.
  2. International Flavours: While we are at home we are trying more and more international cuisines.  Korean is still huge, Israeli and Thai are hugely popular.  Calgary catering clients are enquiring about ethnic touches for their catered events, whether it’s incorporating these flavours in appetizers or late night snacks.
  3. Vegan / Vegetarian:  The vegan lifestyle continues to grow and be widely popular.  People really care about what they eat, where it’s made and how’s it made.  Vegan cheese is now everywhere in Calgary, it’s never been easier for a Calgary Catering company to provide this for their clients.
  4. Faux Protein:  Even though we are in the heart of Alberta Beef country ( best beef anywhere ), people and our Calgary catering clients are looking for alternative options.  These options are plentiful and widely available, it’s never been easier for our Calgary catering company to be able to source faux protein products.

Next Blog, we will dive right into flavours and how you can use them at home and how I can use them as a Calgary Catering Company.