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Calgary Catering – Covid Catering Part 2

Today is the anniversary of the first Covid 19 case in Canada. Hard to believe that it has been a year, it feels like a life time ago….
Last year on this date we were in Thailand on our annual hiatus. We were busy eating amazing food, taking cooking classes, enjoying the amazing markets and abundant fresh seafood. We had no idea that once we returned a pandemic would be declared and our business would be shut down due to government regulations.  Within a week our entire season of Calgary weddings and events would be cancelled.  Wow, it was heartbreaking for us and I know it was heartbreaking for many Calgary catering companies.  Unfortunately many have not been able to survive this pandemic.  We are somewhat of a seasonal business, as most weddings and events take place in the Spring, Summer and Fall and of course the busy Holiday Season.  With our cold Calgary winters, many catering companies see a big slow down during the winter months and we need our busy Calgary event and wedding season to make it through the slow times. What did we do to survive the first year of the pandemic as a Calgary Catering Company?  We decided that takeaway meals and curb site pickup and deliveries didn’t work with our business model and logistical limitations. So, we pivoted back to our former roots as a film production catering company.  The above photo is us catering a Subaru commercial at Fortress Mountain on a beautiful December day. We were fortunate to have many film production catering opportunities in 2020 including the ever popular CBC family drama Heartland. As we anxiously await the return of catering in Calgary for events and weddings we will be on set. Next up is one of those beautiful Travel Alberta commercials, we will also be waiting for life to sort of return to normal, we miss our clients, we miss our Calgary wedding couples and their families, we miss the fun events in our community.