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2020 Food Trends

This challenging time allows us all to take time to research and read….

With everything that’s going on I thought it would be a fun distraction to look forward to new and changing ideas for the food industry.  Some of these ideas have been around for a while others are taking the lead.

  1.  Food is more important at an event than ever before, our love of instagram has made food one of the most photographed components of any gathering.
  2. Vegetable forward menus, specifically beans, grains and seeds.
  3. Food waste is an ever increasing conversation that food professionals are engaging in.  Composting / donating give us a false sense of purpose.  We must reduce the waste at the source by not creating it in the first place.  We can do this by strong client communication, menu planning and efficient production.
  4. Family style service, increases interaction amongst guests.  It creates communal energy and a sense of sharing.
  5. Food stations that create movement in a room and encourages guests to experiment with a variety of foods.
  6. GRAZING BOARDS……I don’t need to say anything more about this wildly popular trend.