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2019 Catering / Food Trends

It’s always fun in the New Year to read all the blogs and reports about trends in the upcoming year. Here is our take:

  1.  Plant based foods!  Vegan menus are becoming increasingly popular, people are more health conscious than ever and there is real concern about the environmental impact of traditional protein based diets.
  2. Zero to low food waste kitchens.  Sustainability and local are expected.  Biodegradable disposables are a must.  Real policy in regards to composting, recycling , reducing waste and using non harmful cleaning products.
  3. Streetfood inspired menus, food trucks and trailers providing everything from late night snacks, desserts to full bar set ups.
  4. Big flavours ( think gochujang ), kicked up classic/ comfort food.  Fried chicken, escargot  and deviled eggs to name a few.
  5. Cooking and baking with cannabis, CBD infused beverages and cocktails.
  6. True and authentic hospitality.  Accountability to companies to insure that staff are working in a safe environment, are well treated and paid fairly.
  7. People’s love of minis will continue for both savoury and sweets.  We also see the continued interest in catering options that are not the traditional buffet dinner.